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From the left: Ozana Popescu, Kadiga Hamdani, Laurence Bordier, Karin Lupens, Arjan Franzen, Erik Cuypers (CDO of the Year 2019), Dennis Otter, Sofie Goderis, Luuk Roestenberg

On 7 November 2019 the Maxeda DIY Digital management (NL/BE) team set off to Brussels because Erik Cuypers was nominated CDO of the year 2019 in Belgium. We were confident he’d win the prize and were not disappointed. Erik won the award for CDO of the Year 2019! Since this is Belgium, there are 2 awards for CDO of the year:

  • Dutch speaking CDO of the year and
  • French speaking CDO of the year.

Erik won the Dutch speaking CDO of the year award. 🥳 well deserved Erik!

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