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Arjan Franzen


My love for coding started at the age of 11, and after studying Computer Science, I landed a job as a junior programmer at a prestigious consultancy firm. I honed my skills and created some of the coolest software solutions for clients across various industries. After all this solution engineering, I wanted to be part of a product team, so I joined a scale-up company in Voice Recording, a product company that promised to take my career to new heights.

My passion for innovation and agility led me to become one of the drivers behind our transformation into an innovative Agile and Lean software development powerhouse. Following the company's stellar success, we were acquired by our main rival, the global market leader in Voice Recording systems: the Publicly traded NICE Systems (NASDAQ: NICE), I took on challenging projects that took me across the globe, but I eventually realised my true calling lay elsewhere, in the Cloud.

Determined to make my mark, I founded ZEN Software in 2015, where my team and I specialise in tackling a myriad of software development challenges, from Cloud and DevOps to Big Data and AI/ML. We are committed to helping our clients "build the right thing" and measure the effectiveness and value of their software development, delivering software that is both meaningful and purposeful. Our motto at ZEN Software is simple - "Purposeful software delivery" - and we strive to live by it every day, building software that meets our clients' demands and exceeds their expectations.