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Empowering Your Organisation:

Turnkey Services or Specialist Team Extension

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Websites & Apps Development

The range of solution templates

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Headless Content Management System, e-commerce services

  • Payment Integration

  • Analytics

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Security Integrations such as:

  • Single Sign On (SSO)

  • SAML 2

  • OAuth

  • DigiD

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Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Reporting, dashboards, analytics

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Machine Learning

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How does this work?

In order to be able to properly guide your organization, it is important that we do this on the basis of a step-by-step plan:

  1. 1

    Intake session

  2. 2

    Design workshop for (technical) details

  3. 3

    Quotation based on Full-Stack-Delivery building blocks

  4. 4

    Estimated cloud costs for hosting (monthly)

  5. 5

    Cloud management costs (monthly) (optional)

  6. 6

    On-call in case of malfunction

  7. 7

    Project Team (cost per sprint)

  8. 8

    Number of people

  9. 9


What do you get?

A dedicated development team that builds, manages and maintains your cloud solution for your organisation

A Product Owner is sought at the client, who is included in the scrum process and has access to all systems (such as Knowledge Management/Project Management/Monitoring/etc..)

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The team demonstrates new features and updates to the solution every 2 weeks.

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A dedicated customer team with Cloud Developers.

These are good software developers and also responsible for the production environment because they also manage it. This role is also known as DevOps, a combination role of Developers (Dev from Developer), and Administrators (Ops from Operations)

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Why ZEN Software?

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Optimise your existing software development