Agile Analytics

    Agile Analytics collects all relevant data out of your software systems and translates it to clear dashboards with concrete information about your teams’ performance. So, you can get a grip on your software projects. The results? Well, the results will speak for themselves.

    Full Stack Development

    At ZEN Software, we are experts in software solutions. We have a very broad experience with technology, architecture and process. To kick-start software development, we work with a number of solution templates. Together we choose one of these solution templates because it is close to the solution your organisation already has and needs to be improved or is a solution your organisation is looking to build.

    Cloud Consultancy

    Is your organisation considering setting up shop ‘in the cloud’ or transforming existing application to the Cloud? With ZEN Software’s Cloud Consultancy your organisation can safely setup and utilise the services of Amazon and Google. We provide Assessments, training and can transform your existing applications into Cloud Ready software or transform them to Cloud Native!

    Training & Workshop

    As part of any Cloud Strategy, it is important to know the concepts and examples surrounding Cloud. Multi-Cloud policy is a good policy for large companies where reliance is not on 1 supplier but on (at least) two. At ZEN Software we are happy to share our experience about a multi-cloud (or poly-cloud) strategy with you, we provide training for this and can organise workshops.