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With the rise of remote work, remote coding job interviews have become increasingly popular. However, this shift has brought new challenges. Particularly concerning are the new possibilities for cheating and fakery during the interview process.

Cheating and fakery?

One issue is applicants applying AI-powered language models, such as ChatGPT, for computer code. These models can generate the exact algorithms in any programming language needed in the coding interview. When applicants use ChatGPT on their second screen, they can answer questions correctly even if they lack the necessary coding skills.

Another concern is the use of tools that artificially create the appearance of eye contact during the interview. This can give a false impression of engagement and presence, even if the interviewee is not looking directly at the camera. This allows an applicant to operate the second screen and look up answers on chatGPT.

Addressing and conclusion

To address these challenges, companies and interviewers must implement additional security measures and be aware of these potential issues. This can include using secure environments from providers of remote assessments. These tools have been around for some time but have not yet been used for coding interviews. These secure environments prevent the applicant from using tools like artificial eye contact or a second screen with chatGPT on it. This is as opposed to using plain vanilla Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or Zoom.

It is also essential to recognize the limitations of remote coding job interviews and not rely solely on these methods for candidate assessment. Supplementing remote coding interviews with other forms of evaluation in person will provide a more comprehensive understanding of a candidate's abilities.

While the A.I. Tech provides new opportunities, the same tech provides challenges for remote coding interviews. It is crucial to start using this new tech while at the same time trying to prevent abuse in the hiring process through more security measures.

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