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Maxeda's Digital Online department, responsible for the e-commerce platforms of Praxis ( and Brico (, embarked on an exciting journey to enhance their online presence. ZEN Software Tech Consultancy played a pivotal role in this transformation, bringing their expertise and innovative solutions to help Praxis deliver an upgraded and improved e-commerce platform. Let's delve into the significant contributions made by ZEN Software Tech Consultancy during this journey.

  1. Introduce SRE and Fix Incident Management: ZEN Software Tech Consultancy recognized the importance of robust incident management and introduced Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) practices. By implementing proactive monitoring, automated alerting systems, and efficient incident response protocols, ZEN improved the platform's stability and reliability. This shift allowed Praxis to minimize downtime, swiftly address issues, and enhance the user experience.
  2. Transform to Cloud and Introduce Microservices: Understanding the scalability and flexibility offered by cloud technologies, ZEN Software Tech Consultancy guided Praxis in transitioning its infrastructure to the cloud, specifically leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS). ZEN designed and implemented a microservices architecture, enabling Praxis to break down its monolithic system into modular components. This approach enhanced agility and scalability and allowed for independent development and deployment of services.
  3. Coach Local and Remote T-Shaped Teams on Continuous Delivery: To accelerate development cycles and improve time-to-market, ZEN Software Tech Consultancy coached both local and remote teams at Praxis on Continuous Delivery practices. By promoting cross-functional collaboration and knowledge sharing, ZEN nurtured T-Shaped teams capable of handling end-to-end development processes. This enabled Praxis to deliver new features and updates quickly, ensuring a competitive edge in the fast-paced e-commerce landscape.
  4. Introduce 'Snyk' and Improve Security Awareness: Recognizing the criticality of security in an online platform, ZEN Software Tech Consultancy introduced the tool 'Snyk' to Praxis. This powerful solution enhanced Praxis' security awareness by scanning for vulnerabilities in dependencies and offering actionable insights to mitigate risks. By integrating security practices into the development lifecycle, Praxis could prioritize data protection and maintain customer trust.
  5. Migrating APM from New Relic to SignalFX: ZEN Software Tech Consultancy spearheaded the migration of Application Performance Monitoring (APM) from New Relic to SignalFX. This transition provided Praxis with more comprehensive monitoring capabilities, enabling them to analyze and optimize system performance effectively. With enhanced visibility into its application stack, Praxis could proactively identify bottlenecks and deliver a seamless user experience.
  6. Introduce A/B Tests, Feature Toggling, and Dark Launching: To empower Praxis with data-driven decision-making capabilities, ZEN Software Tech Consultancy introduced A/B testing methodologies. By systematically experimenting with different versions of features and measuring user responses, Praxis gained valuable insights to optimize its platform. Furthermore, feature toggling and dark launching allowed Praxis to selectively roll out features to specific user segments, ensuring a smooth transition and minimizing potential disruptions.
  7. Implementation of Deep Learning search engine ZEN Software Tech Consultancy provided guidance and expertise in phasing out the outdated Fredhopper search engine used by Praxis. ZEN introduced, an innovative deep learning-based product search engine. This transition improved search functionality, accuracy, and relevance, enhancing the overall user experience on the e-commerce platform. With ZEN Software Tech Consultancy's support, Praxis could leverage advanced search capabilities and provide customers with more accurate and personalised product recommendations.


ZEN Software Tech Consultancy was pivotal in Praxis' journey towards an upgraded and improved e-commerce platform. By introducing SRE practices, cloud transformation, continuous delivery coaching, security enhancements, APM migration, and innovative feature deployment techniques, ZEN Software Tech Consultancy enabled Praxis to deliver an enhanced user experience, drive innovation, and stay ahead in the competitive e-commerce market.

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